Otis Lindsey Creative

Custom wedding invitations I designed for friends Katie & Julian’s fall wedding. A beautiful hand drawn tree pattern and hand drawn typography paired with golden yellows and warm browns set the tone for Mr. & Mrs. Vaca’s special day.

Paper cut illustrations done for Kirkland’s Summer Fun product promotional emails. Some of the items like the tote bag, jeweled sandals and towels were illustrated based on actual merchandise and turned out great!

Just finished printing my NEW line of hand made cards! Introducing the “Thou Shalt” series of hand carved, hand printed cards. Four designs come in silver or gold metallic ink as an accent with black. The textures turned out perfectly.

Go pick up yours today at OldMadeGood Nashville! or email me for a custom order - otislindseycreative@gmail.com

Well I haven’t added anything to my site in a long time since I’ve been so busy over at redpepper. Thankfully, I was recently given the offer by the talented Kate Mills to design custom stationary as a personal project to sell at the wonderful shop Old Made Good in East Nashville. I’ve always wanted to do a series of beautifully ornate curse words and Kate was totally on board so here is the first of the series! It’s a blend of some of my favorite things and gave me the chance to use super bright colors, ornate vintage inspired lettering and of course, curse words used in a positive way.

I’ll have more of the series developed soon and will also open an etsy shop. Please email me if you’re interested in a custom order or stop by the shop over on McGavock Pike!

Urban Outfitters Annual Report

By bringing in specific details from the three unique clothiers (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie & Free People) including specially designed clothing tags, texture and pattern, URBAN’s annual report reflects the look and feel of the combined companies while still clearly presenting the important financial facts.

Alice in Wonderland | Illustration Series

A fresh new take on the classic tale, illustrating the curious happenings of the story through the use of pattern, line and color.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn’t be, and what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see? -Alice

PORQUÉ: Swine Flu Prevention System

Concept Packaging Design
A prevention kit designed at the height of the swine flu scare that includes antibacterial handsoap, immunity boosting drink mix, daily vitamins & an informational booklet. By choosing the name PORQUÉ, it emphasizes the “why” and “because” of the H1N1 epidemic. The more playful connotation of the name alludes to pork, while the design introduces a friendly look to counter the widespread fear of the virus.

Flourish Boutique Identity & Advertising Campaign

Flourish Boutique offers a unique collection of clothing and accessories that features a lovely blend of vintage and modern pieces. A polished black and white system was established with a sophisticated foil stamped logo to provide a look that would embody the femininity and elegance of the boutique’s collection. As a new small business, their budget is limited and advertising provided an interesting challenge. How do you bring awareness to the target audience in a fresh new way that doesn’t break a budget of $5,000?

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Announcements | Work Study Design

Wayne White: Hoozy Thinky Iz? Lecture Postcard & Letterpress poster*
*Printed by Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing

Aftermath Gallery Show: Poster & Postcard

Watkins Film School Industry Conference Poster

Logo Design

A logo is a flag, a signature, an escutcheon, a street sign.
A logo does not sell (directly), it identifies.

A logo is rarely a description of a business.

A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes,
not the other way around.

-Paul Rand